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I am in love - The Absinthe Prince

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August 22nd, 2004

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08:03 pm - I am in love

At last, and without attempting the mission back from the Hydroponic center, victory is mine! I finally have a beautiful little baby ball python called Zillah, who loves boobs, head-butting things and yawning a lot. He looks extremely close to the one in the picture, only he has a more silvery crown and a naughty little boy expression...but not a public schoolboy, grist! I stayed up the first night and most of last night being a paranoid wreck until sallying over a few websites made me realise that by coiling up in his log-hide so much is more likely because he's knackered, and nocturnal, rather than my first obvious conclusion which was "he hates me". I'm going to spend the best part of my life with this gorgeous little bugger and he's the sexiest thing since jam on bread...if only the blahdy cat appreciated him as much....Jack, arrogant Goth-baron that he is gave the new resident a quick hissing at, doing an impression of a sausage having sex with the carpet and generally scrutinising everything;hair, phone chargers, chair legs, his tail in case of snake in disquise!

Um...not to change the subject but Kelpie has just informed me of a luvverly story she's reading about a talking pumpkin...which is peachy keen with me, but what the FUCK did she type in ask Jeeves to find it?

And now, back to Zillah. I'm that ecstatic about him I've already started collecting a mental baby-book...his first yawn, his first sign of wanting to bite me, (while trying to feed him) my first pinkie thawing-out....and by the looks of him right now, soon our first edyctis together....or maybe I'll just go on a talk-show and marry him when he's sixteen. I am utterly, positively, in love.

Here is what baby Zillah's look like when they're being hatched.....

and here is what happens to Jack Sparrow to make him dislike snakes so much, I reckon...

Bugger off

and lastly, here's one for you Chris!!!! Happy families, eh?
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Date:August 22nd, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC)
Zillah is a sexy little reptile and as to the Talking Pumkin story, as I acrefully explained to you before you even wrote the above, it was on a site about Bantu (read 'African') mythology and I typed into google 'Bantu Mythology'. The fact that Africa seems to have many myths about evil pumpkins is as out of my hands as that the Greeks and Celts seem to have many myths about incest.

I was trying to find the name of a very specific story about a snake god who'd name I'd forgotten. It's Kolelo, but there are no pictures of Kolelo - not many of Rainbow Serpents either. There were hardly any of the Aztec go Quatzecoatl (the Plumed Serpent) either. Google sucks!
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Date:August 26th, 2004 06:24 pm (UTC)


The Celts were not exactly kissing cousins as are the Monarchy/parliament today, Oh my darlin'....just look at Prince William.....you can't tell who's son he really is, he's got Tony Blair's nicer-than-white smile for one, and look at that hair? It stinks of Mo Mowlem!
As for bestiality...well, I recon the High Kings of Tara "consecrating their marriage with the land and Epona" by having pre-nup with a white horse is self explanatory.
I just want to clear one thing up with you though, all of you warped bastards-I have no intention, absolutely NO intention of entering into any other relationship-either casual or serious mortgage investing-with my snake. even though I have expressed a healthy desire to lay naked infront of the fire with twenty snakes writhing all over me, it is in no way sexual, just a primitive Yemaya-Mother-Goddess-Of-The-River-And-Snake-Type-Loving-Powers....

I'm not helping in any way at all really, am I?
Shut up Panikon, I can feel your rabid scorn! Ah! I hate your tie!
Am I truly the only person here who feels this way?

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