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Cats - The Absinthe Prince

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August 22nd, 2004

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07:44 pm - Cats
Just joined this community after buying my first snake, a beautiful baby python called Zillah who is an escape artist and womaniser to boot (he likes boobs)....just one problem. My cat, Jack Sparrow, a stuck-up aptly-named thing,who also likes boobs, has a nasty habit of hissing at the snake who then hisses back and generally bangs his head on the vivaruim lid...I've tried seperating them, but even when Jack sits outside my room door Zillah gets in a panic and goes into a ball or starts trembling. I didn't even know snakes DID tremble. Is there anyone out there who's faced a similar problem and knows the best way to deal with it? I mean, snakes and cats natural enemies and all...help, I'm a neophyte!

And also, on the same subject, how long do I have to wait for him to de-stress before I can actually take him out and handle him? And I think his crown's turning more silver but the rest of his skin is still as gaudy, is this a sign he's starting ecdysis or am i being paranoid?
By the way that yellow boa is beautiful, person in the photograph ma'am....

Yours, Paranoid, as usual, about everything,
Lux xx

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