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Not been here for a year....not had any absinthe for over a year,… - The Absinthe Prince

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September 29th, 2005

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05:24 pm
Not been here for a year....not had any absinthe for over a year, funnily enough. Maybe that is just so. I have no legs. For Absinthe, that is, I'm not talking infra red. Oh, my Zillah, how the photos mock me, how they remind me! My poor baby. One day I shall have another snake, maybe even an Egyptian Cobra of my widest dreams, a pretty little thing with razorsharp teeth for eating lentil casserole and water chestnut roast with ha ha! I think maybe not. Anyway, all is well in the Hole of Hell and I've nothing much to say at the moment except I've been using Myspace as a method of anti-boredom, and shouldnt really, because my livejournal page is well more green and sexier. I love the Green Fairy, and not the kind that does your dishes for you, mum!

I'm just gonna post a few things ive written and some nice eye-candy, and possibly some more faeries in jamjars. My poor little darlin's, they've been sick all week....guess they're not too partial to mustard and piccalilly, hah? I'll get round to fixing that shelf over the fireplace someday soon, then they can watch me play my guitar or draw pictures of simulated smurf sex in Neophytian bliss.

I have also, up for grabs, and all for under a pound ya know (well, nothing really, cos I'm super nice like that (insert canned laughter here)....)...I have a coupla binliners full of clothes, mainly goth stuff and lord byron nighties, things that people called PAUL or MRS KHAN might be interested in? Charity shopping really does build up, doesn't it??

Thankyou my darlin' Jo, for making me listen to Current 93, they are most haunty-dark. I like them. Especially the one about putting Jesus on the Cross.
Has anyone else ever heard the term "Dicky Nignog"? I havent until today, but i like it ;) Fits in so many uncanny and unusual places where normal literary wit fails. God, I'm sounding like Jay.

anyway peeps, for now, IN A VIDA NA GADDA, baby xx
Current Mood: crappyand toxic
Current Music: Current 93 - "Anyway, People Die"

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(Deleted comment)
Date:September 30th, 2005 01:08 pm (UTC)
you have a picture of him? from the net or one someones taken? oh i must see!

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