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September 29th, 2005

05:24 pm
Not been here for a year....not had any absinthe for over a year, funnily enough. Maybe that is just so. I have no legs. For Absinthe, that is, I'm not talking infra red. Oh, my Zillah, how the photos mock me, how they remind me! My poor baby. One day I shall have another snake, maybe even an Egyptian Cobra of my widest dreams, a pretty little thing with razorsharp teeth for eating lentil casserole and water chestnut roast with ha ha! I think maybe not. Anyway, all is well in the Hole of Hell and I've nothing much to say at the moment except I've been using Myspace as a method of anti-boredom, and shouldnt really, because my livejournal page is well more green and sexier. I love the Green Fairy, and not the kind that does your dishes for you, mum!

I'm just gonna post a few things ive written and some nice eye-candy, and possibly some more faeries in jamjars. My poor little darlin's, they've been sick all week....guess they're not too partial to mustard and piccalilly, hah? I'll get round to fixing that shelf over the fireplace someday soon, then they can watch me play my guitar or draw pictures of simulated smurf sex in Neophytian bliss.

I have also, up for grabs, and all for under a pound ya know (well, nothing really, cos I'm super nice like that (insert canned laughter here)....)...I have a coupla binliners full of clothes, mainly goth stuff and lord byron nighties, things that people called PAUL or MRS KHAN might be interested in? Charity shopping really does build up, doesn't it??

Thankyou my darlin' Jo, for making me listen to Current 93, they are most haunty-dark. I like them. Especially the one about putting Jesus on the Cross.
Has anyone else ever heard the term "Dicky Nignog"? I havent until today, but i like it ;) Fits in so many uncanny and unusual places where normal literary wit fails. God, I'm sounding like Jay.

anyway peeps, for now, IN A VIDA NA GADDA, baby xx
Current Mood: crappyand toxic
Current Music: Current 93 - "Anyway, People Die"

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November 20th, 2004

12:33 pm - Update...
Well, I haven't been here in a long long time, seems I was trying to recapture the last dying threads of what was a pub-crawlin' and not at all sentient summer for myself, and well....my god, didn't it rain a lot!!

I suppose the fall-out/misgivings between various loved friends and me didnt really inspire me to write here anymore, that and the constant demand it seems the damn social offices have on me lol. As for casual updates, I'll try and be brief:

I'm falling crazy in love with Jack, don't know what the hell I'd do without him. laugh in my face if you please, but sometimes someone just makes you glow inside, makes it OK to be four in the morning and still awake without being alone.I'm just afraid of it ending. I'm not saying its a sugary-sweet fairytale, because nothing ever is, at least not when you've licked the top layer of icing off.....but this relationship is something I want to fight for, something to make me get up in the morning (and watch Trisha, obviously). I've kinda adopted his friends, them being people I've known for a few years now but always been too shy to really talk too much to and they are so lovely! I feel like I can just BE with people again.

I may have a volunatary job at the town library helping out with the snakes, yeah! Theres a whole bunch more locked away in the inner sanctum too, not just the Milksnake and the Cali King snake in the Aquariam...aw, its kind of strange, but I feel I've felt them grow up over the last four years....it will be a wonderful chance to get to know a lot more about them, too. I'd like to learn the Latin names for different species.

I had one of the most beautiful nights of my life last Saturday (even if a Salford Warehouse rave turned to a brick n' bottle fest. Yes, so the effects and feelings were heightened by various mind-altering substances, but I just felt so happy to be out with the man I love and two of my closet friends, and a crowd of likeminded extremely peachy keen people whom I'm quite sure I expressed these emotions to in a very big way lol! I don't know why, it was just so beautiful. Comedowns with Mr Gibbons are blissful.

Kelpie has been undergoing some pretty darn tough family problems, and juggling coursework in the act, our beautiful beautiful masterpiece, "Nicotine, Alcohol and all that Cal"- our modern transegressive insight into the minds of two beautiful creatures mainly our inner monologues and their somewhat intrepid if disturbing adventures into the abyss of the human experience in, what is commonly known as "splatterpunk gutterpunk". Or for Kelpie and I, that'd come sweetly under two subcategories- "The Night Before" and "The Morning After". Y' know?

As for Chris, that Neo-Nazi colonial fascist dictator who occupies (and I use that term eptymologically) the room next to mine....well, I am due for an interveiw with BASE on Thursday morning. Despite sly dab-handed entries in livejournal he thought I wouldn't read, constant lies and deciet for the sole benefit of oppressing Kelpie, Julian and myself to his control freak ways; insofar killing my snake, if not intentionally, quite without conscience or regards, by fucking us about with the heating dial......Gods apart, the list is endless. It depresses me.
He may likely read this and I hope he does, he has lied about, degraded, accused me, threatened me with false landlord-tenant hearsays, pitted flatmates against me and put me down, and over the last two/three months the problem of his spineless, insipid, simpering ways has escalated so that I am forced to move out before I go insane. I only regret having involved my housemates and making them feel like piggy-in-the-middle for so long, focusing my anger towards Chris on them at times when I was frustrated to breaking point.

The thing which really has me twisted up inside is Zillah. Jack, Sam, Kelpie, Ju and I buried him in the park, under a patch of young trees and although I tried to keep my face straight I felt like I was going to crack in two. I cannot express what he meant to me, the maternal feelings I had for him. The blackest note on everything is the fact I was due to move him up to Jack's flat that very weekend, just waiting on the right time to do it, get him to eat once more before I disturbed him etc. I don't want to talk about the details, I just feel that I've failed someone else. Its the most emptiest, painful feeling. Everyone was so loving, so understanding that night. I can't explain how damn touched I was, how much those certain people mean to me, what it meant to do that for me. Well, it meant everything. Zillah, I love you sweetheart, if you can read this from whatever realm you are in now. I miss you.

Well, y' know, ten fat scallies on a trampolene, what can I really say?
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Silverchair-Neon Ballroom

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August 30th, 2004

09:45 pm - Nny
Interesting Johnny fanart....I think it may look like someone I used to know in Manchester....I fear not, alas.

src="http://www.universomanga.com.ar/R1/otaku/midgarst/images/Nny_jpg.jpg" alt="ute" />

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August 22nd, 2004

08:50 pm - Oh yeah, and....
They've made a tv serial about Chris Isaak, looking like a fuckin' episode of Cheers plus more Edam, its sick sick sick! You know Chris right? The guy who HIM covered "Wicked Game" off? I can never listen to that song again! Its blasphemy! And I swear the Nazi bastard uses Pearl Drops!

I mean he wasn't exactly nitty gritty but what next, Leonard Cohen the musical?

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08:03 pm - I am in love

At last, and without attempting the mission back from the Hydroponic center, victory is mine! I finally have a beautiful little baby ball python called Zillah, who loves boobs, head-butting things and yawning a lot. He looks extremely close to the one in the picture, only he has a more silvery crown and a naughty little boy expression...but not a public schoolboy, grist! I stayed up the first night and most of last night being a paranoid wreck until sallying over a few websites made me realise that by coiling up in his log-hide so much is more likely because he's knackered, and nocturnal, rather than my first obvious conclusion which was "he hates me". I'm going to spend the best part of my life with this gorgeous little bugger and he's the sexiest thing since jam on bread...if only the blahdy cat appreciated him as much....Jack, arrogant Goth-baron that he is gave the new resident a quick hissing at, doing an impression of a sausage having sex with the carpet and generally scrutinising everything;hair, phone chargers, chair legs, his tail in case of snake in disquise!

Um...not to change the subject but Kelpie has just informed me of a luvverly story she's reading about a talking pumpkin...which is peachy keen with me, but what the FUCK did she type in ask Jeeves to find it?

And now, back to Zillah. I'm that ecstatic about him I've already started collecting a mental baby-book...his first yawn, his first sign of wanting to bite me, (while trying to feed him) my first pinkie thawing-out....and by the looks of him right now, soon our first edyctis together....or maybe I'll just go on a talk-show and marry him when he's sixteen. I am utterly, positively, in love.

Here is what baby Zillah's look like when they're being hatched.....

and here is what happens to Jack Sparrow to make him dislike snakes so much, I reckon...

Bugger off

and lastly, here's one for you Chris!!!! Happy families, eh?
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: HIM- A Razorblade Romance

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07:44 pm - Cats
Just joined this community after buying my first snake, a beautiful baby python called Zillah who is an escape artist and womaniser to boot (he likes boobs)....just one problem. My cat, Jack Sparrow, a stuck-up aptly-named thing,who also likes boobs, has a nasty habit of hissing at the snake who then hisses back and generally bangs his head on the vivaruim lid...I've tried seperating them, but even when Jack sits outside my room door Zillah gets in a panic and goes into a ball or starts trembling. I didn't even know snakes DID tremble. Is there anyone out there who's faced a similar problem and knows the best way to deal with it? I mean, snakes and cats natural enemies and all...help, I'm a neophyte!

And also, on the same subject, how long do I have to wait for him to de-stress before I can actually take him out and handle him? And I think his crown's turning more silver but the rest of his skin is still as gaudy, is this a sign he's starting ecdysis or am i being paranoid?
By the way that yellow boa is beautiful, person in the photograph ma'am....

Yours, Paranoid, as usual, about everything,
Lux xx

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August 6th, 2004

09:24 pm - Road Apples
This a bit extreme even for me, ma'am but does anyone here have a fetish for fights with road apples (aka, horse shit)???!! And i clearly recommend peppermints over sugar lumps anyday. Drop me a line any time, darlin's, if you submit to the horse whip xxxx

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July 25th, 2004

06:07 pm - >sings<Oh something happened in the world today, up the stairs with a friend called Jilly.....<
As you can see, I have a lot of time on my hands for the next few hours, so you know, Kava coffee to go,I should really think about writing something in this journal which nobody reads anyway, because im too bloody lazy to get off my arse and use the library computers until i get the broadband back in.

Well, Jack Sparrow heaved all over the lino again and Panikon's dog left a whopper road-apple on Julian's carpet...so yeah, that was fun. Panikon and Sarah stayed over the other night for a squatter's party and I think Molly may have been licking my feet in the night. I was drunk of course (listens for sounds of Oh My, you WERE?) and drew some cave-paintings on the mantlepiece in charcoal. Then Panikon drew a Hitler moustache.

The Old Man and Scythe are getting meade in again, lovely, horse-piss coloured, liquid golden magic drink of like...really good things, and hallucinating about Bob Geldof on the bog....etc....so yeah, Im pretty happy.
And, Im thinking about repeating my art a-levels, for something to do, y know? I really wouldnt mind getting out of bed once in a while, feeling like im actually doing something with my life not uni's gone bye-byes.

Yesterday I watched Blue Lagoon, y know, and I reckon it holds the origins for Jack Sparrow's whole existence...albeit mad old sailor guy running about in a white frock and make-up, pissed, singing his tits off...maybe just.
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: The Bolshoi-Happy Boy

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05:52 pm

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